k é k é translated from French means "striving to impress", "a show off".

Following this name, we create bright and stylish looks for an independent, confident woman who likes to be in the spotlight and attract the looks of others.

The basis of the k é k é collections is outerwear, fur coats and coats.

The brand was founded in autumn 2016.


In recent years, the fashion world has been increasingly filled with inexpensive mass-market product.

On the one hand, it is great that fashion is becoming available to hundreds of millions. On the other hand, this cannot happen without compromises - in the freedom of the artist, in originality, in quality.

k é k é is our vision of what fashion should be - fashion without compromise. Bright and unusual design, expensive and high-quality materials, painstaking work of craftsmen, elaboration of details, quality assurance.

We do not make mass products, a fur coat is a work of art for us.